New House Building East London

  • NHBRC registered
  • Custom designs and building methods
  • Guaranteed workmanship

Is it time to finally build your first home? Or perhaps you are just looking to upgrade to your dream house and can´t find any you like. Then building a house to suit your needs is surely the best option.

If you’re looking for home builders to develop a brand-new house from the ground up, you’ll need a trusted construction company. It is crucial that they are NHBRC-registered (National Home Builders Registration Council). Our agents have experience with anything from tiny single-bedroom homes to huge, multi-story estates.

There are numerous new home construction methods and materials available. And depending on your financial situation they can help you find the right fit. They can provide guidance and price estimates for your building expenses per square metre even if you are just in the concept and design stage.

If you are interested in building a new house please contract Building Pros by giving us a call or completing our online form and we will connect you with a leading House Builder in East London

Get a professional builder in East London and surrounding areas:

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Full turn-key Home Builders in East London

Our network of vetted contractors offers a full turn key service meaning that you don´t have the headache of dealing with various contractors. One contractor will be responsible for the build from start to finish and will be able to render all of the following services and more:

  • House building plans
  • Wall & floor tiling
  • Plumbing
  • Drywalling / Dry Wall Partitions
  • All Electrical and Wiring
  • Painting
  • Rhinolite
  • Boundary walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Garage Construction
  • Garage Doors
  • Painting
  • Paving
  • Electrical CoC
  • Waterproofing
  • Roofing
  • Rubble Removal

This will give you peace of mind that the work will be done correctly and the different contractors not blaming each other if a problem arises.

Brick house builders

The typical brick-and-mortar house is the most popular type of construction in South Africa. For your exterior and interior, you can pick between brick and plaster or just face brick. Brick is very well insulated and has a very long lifespan. It is also the most labour-intensive construction method and will be the most expensive to construct

Nutec and Wendy house building

The most affordable structure in SA is a Nutec and Wendy-type construction. Consider constructing a Nutec house if all you need is something straightforward, affordable, durable and quick to construct. It is also a certified NHBRC construction method meaning you can still get a bond for this type of construction.

Tiny home builders

In South Africa, the tiny home movement has gained traction. Why not downsize without sacrificing any of the style and refinement when construction expenses are skyrocketing? Everything you need in an easily maintained space can be found in a compact house with thoughtful design.

Finding the right House Building Contractor?

Building your family home is a project that should be taken very seriously. It can often be hard to find the right contractor for the job. Here are some tips on how to find the right contractor.

  • Get detailed Quotes – Obtain various detailed itemized quotes from various contractors to ensure that all of them have the same inclusions and that you will not suffer additional costs when the construction starts
  • Get referrals – Get referrals from your various contractors and ask if you can inspect a current or previous project.
  • Meet the candidates – Meet the people that will be responsible for the construction of your new home and get a feel to know if you are going to like to work with them. 
  • Iron out the details – Once you have established who will be building your home sit down and discuss with them the details of the project and ask them exactly what the project will include and exclude and how long it will take.

Ensuring that you start on a good transparent footing with your contractor will help turn your building project into and success.

Questions you should ask your house building contractor.

Here are some common questions to ask builders when you start your interviews. Add your own to make sure you account for everything that matters to you.

  • What is your policy on service after completion of the build and do I receive it in writing?
  • What guarantee do you offer on your workmanship?
  • Do you utilize subcontractors and how do you ensure the quality of their work?
  • Do you guarantee the work that the subcontractor performed?
  • What is your policy on change orders?
  • Do you guarantee that the project will finish on time? If so, how?
  • How long have you been in the business and how many projects have you completed?
  • Does your quotation cover cleanup? What is included in your cleanup?
  • Can I have an itemised statement? If so, how frequently?
  • What sets you apart from your competition and why should I choose you?
  • Can I choose the suppliers and finishings for my project?

Why choose a vetted Building Pros Contractor when selecting a Home Builder

We at Building Pros have hand selected our network of construction companies thereby ensuring that your building project is completed with the minimum amount of headaches. Here are some of the reasons for selecting a Building Pros partner.

  • All partners are NHBRC-certified contractors 
  • Our partners offer competitive prices while delivering excellent work
  • Obligation-free quotes detailed itemized quotations
  • They guarantee their workmanship ensuring your home will last for many years.
  • Qualified trained experts in all aspects of the construction process.
  • Dedicated to providing outstanding results
  • Custom designs and building methods to suit your needs and your budget

When selecting a Building Pros partner it takes a lot of guessing out the process.

How to make sure your building project is a success

Below we list some of the key aspects to help ensure that your building project is a success:

Propper planning before you start building – Every stage of the project must be planned, and timeframes must be established. 

Signed building contracts with terms and conditions – If it’s important to you, include it in a contract. We advise clients to pinpoint their most important worries and expectations, properly record them, and clearly describe what they want and the repercussions if it is not done to satisfaction. (A) Deadlines – If there is a deadline that the project must meet, state it. (B) Supervision – Be precise about what you want in terms of site supervision. (C) Working hours – For instance, define the hours in advance if you expect contractors to work specific hours. These are just a few examples and you should discuss and define all the points that are important to you in the contract.

Project Management and working as a team is crucial – Collaboration between the owner, architects, project manager, and builder is crucial. Having everyone working together as a team will ensure that the project is completed on time and to the satisfaction of the client.

How much does it cost to build a new home in East London?

It’s simple to figure out the project’s cost using Building Pros!

Simply fill out the form on this page, and a professional in East Londonwill visit and give you a free estimate.

The best way to determine the cost of your building project is to have an expert builder visit you, speak with you, and give you an accurate price and cost estimate because no two projects are alike.