How much does it cost to build a granny flat in 2024?

How much does it cost to build a granny flat?

Are you thinking of building a granny flat and would like to know how much it might cost? As a general rule of thumb, building costs range from R8000m2  to R20000m2 in South Africa depending on the construction method and the type of fittings and finishings selected.

This means that an average-sized 60m2 granny flat will cost anywhere from R480,000.00 to R R1,200,000 all depending on the construction method and finishings.

Factors that influence the Cost of a granny flat.

There are many factors that influence the price of building a granny flat. Below we list some of the most important ones:

  • What type of construction method you choose – What type of construction method selected can have a very large impact on the cost of building. It will be cheaper to build a wood frame or prefabricated granny flat than to build a standard brick-and-mortar granny flat. 
  • The size of the granny flat – Cost per square meter should relatively stay the same thus constructing a 40m2 granny will cost approximately half of an 80m2 granny flat.
  • The type of roof selected for the project – Roof design and roofing material can affect the price of a granny flat dramatically. Opting for a flat corrugated iron roof will be much more affordable than constructing an intricate tile roof.
  • The fittings and finishings installed – Fittings and finishing can have a dramatic effect on the price of a granny flat. A granny flat with hardwood floors, a premium kitchen and a premium bathroom will easily cost double the price of the same-size granny flat with ceramic floors and a more moderate kitchen and bathroom.
  • Where the building site is located – If the building site is located in a city or town transport costs for materials and transport costs for labourers and artisans will be much lower than constructing a building located 100km from the nearest town.

These are just some of the factors that will influence the cost of constructing a granny flat.

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How to select the right Granny Flat builder for the job.

When choosing a granny flat builder, we advise you to make sure that:

  • NHBRC registered –  Make sure the building contractor you choose is licenced by the NHBRC and that all work is done in accordance with local building regulations.
  • Detailed Itemized Quotation – To compare quotes from different building contractors and reduce the number of hidden charges, make sure the quotes you receive are detailed and itemized and state inclusions and exclusions. 
  • Testimonials – Finding a trustworthy builder is made easier if you choose one who has recommendations, reviews, and client references available.
  • Insurance – Make that the contractor is covered by insurance for any issues or accidents that may arise on the job site. If they are not, you may be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur on your property.

Getting quotes for building a granny flat

Ask the building contractor to provide you with a detailed itemized quotation this can help you compare the quotes from several builders. Additionally, you can see what is the most expensive giving you insight as to where you can save some money or where you can perhaps spend some extra money to make the residence more comfortable.

If in doubt, ask the builder what’s included in their quotes and what’s left out. A comprehensive quote should list everything. If it doesn’t, a builder may be trying to get your business by undercutting other builders. They will then add all these additional costs at a later stage, so make sure you know what’s included from the start.

Easiest way to determine the cost of a granny flat

The easiest way to determine the cost of your desired Granny Flat is to Contact Building Pros today by completing our online form or by giving us a call and a vetted Building Pros partner will come to you and give you a primary estimate for building your granny flat..