How much does home renovation and alterations cost in 2024?

How much does a Home Renovation cost?

Does your home or a new property you bought need a refresh and would you like to know more about how much a home renovation will cost? In this article, we will have a quick look into how much a home renovation might cost. The average price for a 3 bedroom  2 bathroom complete House Renovation is between  R250,000 – R600,000 this is for all the rooms including both bathrooms and the kitchen.

When it comes to home renovations your most expensive rooms will be renovating the bathroom and the kitchen: 

Kitchen Renovations: If you want a rough estimate of the cost of a kitchen renovation, plan to spend between R45,000 and R150,000 or more. The size of your kitchen, the materials and appliances you choose, as well as labour costs, all have an impact on how much your project will cost.

Expect to spend the following on a new kitchen, plumbing and electrical installation, tiling, and installation but excludes the cost of new appliances

  • R45,000 to $85,000 for a small or budget kitchen
  • R85,00,000 to R150,000 for a mid-range kitchen
  • R150,000+ for a high-end kitchen

Bathroom Renovations: We have broken bathroom renovations down into 3 price brackets below to help you estimate how much your bathroom renovation might cost:

  • R30,000 – R60,000 for a budget renovation of a small, mid-sized bathroom with budget-friendly fittings and finishings
  • R60,000 – R120,000 for an average-sized mid-range bathroom renovation using mid-range materials and fittings.
  • R120,000+ for a high-end, premium or luxury bathroom renovation using top-of-the-range materials and fittings.

Other rooms: Other rooms of the house are less expensive to renovate than the kitchen and bathrooms. When renovating a room you should expect it to cost the following:

  • Flooring: Installing tiles or a new carpet can cost anywhere from R300m2 – R1000m2  depending on what type of flooring material you select, how much work is required to remove the old floor and what additional prep work is required.
  • Walls: Fixing small imperfections and painting a room will cost anywhere from R100m2 to R200m2 depending on the finish, required prep work and what type of paint you select.
  • Ceilings: If you only want to paint the ceiling expect it to cost about the same as painting a wall. When you opt to replace a ceiling you should expect it to cost from R200m2 to R400m2 depending on what type of ceiling you select, how difficult it is to remove the old ceiling and the prep work required to install the new ceiling.
  • Door and Windows: It is very difficult to provide an estimate for replacing doors or windows as the cost of the materials can differ immensely and the labour involved required will be different for every project. We recommend explaining to the contractor on-site what you would like to be done for an accurate estimate.

How much Do Home Alterations or Home Extension Cost?

Do you need to build an additional bedroom or it is perhaps time to finally build that on-suite bathroom? Would you like to know just how much it is going to cost? In the following section, we will discuss how the best way to calculate the cost of a Home Alteration. If you don’t feel like reading the easiest way to know just how much that home alteration will cost is to complete our online form and we will send a leading building contractor to you for an obligation-free quotation

The cost of building an additional room.

The average building cost in South Africa is between R8000m2 and R15000m2 depending on the finishing you choose, the type of room you want to add and the style of the building project.

There are some additional expenses that influence the home alteration:

  • Do you need to get the home alteration approved? When you need to get the alteration approved you will have to get the alterations drafted by an architect or draftsman. 
  • Is it a kitchen or a bathroom? Whenever you build or alter a bathroom or kitchen you will have to take into account that the R7000m2 – R14000m2 build cost does not include the cost of fitting and finishing the bathroom.
  • Any additional work that needs to be done to the current structure like adding a bigger window or door.

This all means that calculating the cost of an alteration can be very complicated and the best way to get an accurate quote is to complete our online form or by giving us a call and a leading building contractor from our Network of vetted contractors will come to discuss the project and give you a detail primary estimate for the project.

How to select a Building Contractor for your House Renovation or House Altercation

When it comes time to select a building contractor It is important to select the right one for your project. Doing so can often be quite a daunting task. We recommend that you meet with the potential building contractors and ask them the following questions:

  • Are you NHBRC registered and are you certified to perform the task?
  • Can you give me any references for any previous tasks performed?
  • Is there perhaps a previous project that I can inspect visually?
  • Are you and your staff insured to work on my property?
  • Do you give any guarantee of the work rendered?
  • Do you use any subcontractors and how do you assure the quality of their work?
  • Do you guarantee the work that the subcontractors rendered?

Even with these questions, it might be difficult to find the right contractors which is why we recommend using a Building contractor from our network of contractors.